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Electrical and Mechanical inspections are a perfect application for Infrared technology providing fast visual images with accurate temperature measurements.

Electrical Inspection allows you to:

Locate hot spots in electrical systems quickly.

• Measure temperature variations accurately.

• Reduce down time by finding problems fast.

• Reduce unscheduled outages and losses.

• Locate and repair electrical problems before they happen.

• Reduce electrical energy costs by increasing energy efficiency.

• Increase the efficiency of maintenance programs.

• Compare inspections for later repairs and considerations.

• Document faults for corrective action and/or reporting purposes.

• Save time by using an advanced technology application .

• Save money with the efficiency of operation you gain with the implementation of and infrared inspection program.

Mechanical Inspection Benefits

Infrared mechanical inspections alert you to the inevitable failure of mechanical systems caused by excessive heat or fatigue. Infrared allows you to document a visible thermal image for reporting purposes and for repair considerations.

You receive all the benefits listed above along with the following: identification of overheated equipment reducing the risks associated with a catastrophic failure provides you a predictive maintenance program PdM to avoid unscheduled and costly repairs saves you time and money!