See where you’re hard earned Money going! Is it through the roof, walls, windows, doors, or out the foundation?

If you are buying a new home or business and want to find out any hidden problems or just want to make sure your new or existing windows were installed correctly and not leaking cold or warm air then a ScannTastic infrared inspection is what you need.

We will perform a complete Thermal Scan with our high tech cameras of the exterior of your home or business looking at all your walls, windows, doors, foundation and roof from the ground level and put the findings in a comprehensive detailed report that you can use to negotiate a better price on your investment.

  See if your new or existing construction job was done correctly or use it to obtain quotes from contractors to fix the exact problem without any guess work.

A picture says a Thousand words and seeing believing. See where your money is going, let ScannTastic start saving you money today.

We also offer Total Energy Loss inspections (inside and out) available for home or business. Let us use our high tech Infrared (IR) equipment to locate and document missing, damaged or improperly installed insulation. We can visually show your insulation contractor where you need corrections made. Take the guesswork of where insulation is needed out of the equation, since infrared will locate exactly where your insulation problems are occurring. You will save money on materials and time spent in completing your home or business insulation project, all while reducing your energy bill to keep money in your pocket and to improve your home or business energy efficiency as well as improving your personal comfort.

ScannTastic Inspections make a great gift for a Family Member or first time buyers.

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